Dealing with Self Progress

When I pick up something new to learn, most of the times, I leave it mid-way because I am overwhelmed with the amount of things to learn. I follow Instagram profiles of experts and get disheartened looking at their progress. It seems like success will take a lifetime of work.

This time, I taught myself a lesson and its valuable enough to share.

When you pick something new – a new skill/language/sport/anything, do not get disheartened by looking at how other people are so good at doing those things while you are just starting. Learn from their experiences instead – they have been at it longer than you have. Maybe you get better with time, but don’t give up or lose interest. Keep at it. Because its your personal journey.

I learned this from Yoga. There are people who are good at so many asanas that I can not even comprehend right now. But then I look at my own progress from where I was earlier. Today, I can breathe and hold the asanas longer as against not even being able to think of doing it.

Progress might be slow but it is self progress in the end. It’s important to be in competition with yourself than with others – that is how you become better. Take things slow and keep at it.


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