Awareness and Consciousness

Your existence is defined by your body, consciousness and awareness working together.


Awareness is –
knowing in the moment.
being in the moment.
knowing what is right for your mind, body and soul.
for your consciousness:
for your consciousness is what tells you-
what’s right
what’s not right
what’s going to be perfect
and what is it that you should do
in order to get what you want
it tells you what you want
it tells you what you are supposed to want
and thus tells you what you need to do.
So, awareness is knowing and doing – what actually just feels right.

Awareness is knowledge –
put in action,
kept in motion.
Awareness is being in the wisdom
because wisdom is knowledge in action. 🙂

Awareness is existence,
Awareness is in the now.
because existence is in the now.

Awareness is devoid-
of past memories –
good or bad, ugly or beautiful.
of future worries –
plans or ambitions.

Awareness is you-
You are your consciousness.
When you are aware in each conscious moment –
you are true
and you become you.

Are you aware now? 😉

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