Don’t settle for less.

I believe you are amazing
You don’t need to settle for less
By less I mean something-
That doesn’t bring you immense happiness
That is just an escape
That is just an excuse
For living a life differently.
I believe you are strong
You don’t need anyone’s validation
Not something that only promises happiness
and never delivers it.
You deserve truth –
That makes you what you are.
You are brilliant
The way you already are.
You don’t need to find it.
You are it, inside.
Your thoughts are beautiful
Your ideas are brilliant
Just the way they are
I hope you don’t compromise
I hope you don’t settle for a temporary
By temporary I mean –
Things that don’t define you
People that don’t connect
You are destined for greatness
By being who you truly are!
Nothing you do is wrong.
Everything brings you closer to who you are supposed to be.
Fall as much you want
I believe you will spring back stronger.
You are You
And you are just right
Until you are truly happy!
By happy I mean –
You feel comfortable in your skin
You feel you are here for a reason
And you are living that reason.
Hold on there –
You are never lonely,
Even when you are alone.
You are unique
And you have what it takes
To be who you truly are.
You fly with Zephyr
You flow in a stream
Just be confident
And follow your dreams!

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