Because Why?

One year down. Well, almost. And what a year it has been – changes and changes and constant changes – everywhere.

The clarity, certainty
Even the fun in uncertainty
I’m anticipating now.

I don’t plan on anything:
I don’t want to be better-
but I want to be.

Be who I am – Be that I am.
Stop finding reasons.
There are many –
There are actually none.
You don’t even need one.
Because WHY?

What will change?
This moment,
and this moment on –
Just be.

True to how you feel.
For outside reflects
The truths from inside.
If there was a reason
good enough to explain
Do think, don’t ponder
Because WHY?

The answers you are looking for-
they are always right there
close to your eyes. Close your eyes.
And Be.

It’s a beautiful ensemble-
the world outside
When you are clear in thoughts.
Stop looking for purpose-
Because WHY?

Purpose = destiny
but don’t you love the path?
choose your path-
in your own interest of being.
Whatever you wish –
don’t keep it lying as a wish
Because when you really listen
you will know if the wish needs to be true
Needs/wants/wishes – they only serve.
Serve not the purpose
serve not the destiny
serve only YOU.


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