The 12 Special Numbers of My 2017

So this is that time of the year again — of contemplating life. And this year, I am finally home, where the fam is. I am sitting here, looking around and judging all the life choices I have made, and I regret none. 🙂

I cherish a lot of things though, and here I present them in numbers:

100 –

Days of Yoga+meditation. 

It is actually a challenge to continue the yoga and meditation practices on regs. I tried to find a balance between the extremes of doing and not doing it, so that I can work hard for some days and take it easy on myself for some days. My observation: Whenever I was taking it too easy, I became sedentary — gained weight and would be lazy and get anxious easily. However when I continued it on regs, I would feel like I can conquer the world if I wanted to. 😀

60 –

Days of Joblessness. 

I was Jobless for about 2 months — also the days of restlessness. I was confused and I finally wanted to find what I would really love to do in life. I took that time to bring balance in my thoughts and to be aware of what interests me the most, and mostly chill.

54 –

Zumba sessions!!

Zumba has been the best exercise for me — it feels like 50 minutes of party on the dance floor where you can just let go and be.

I plan on continuing this party in 2018.

24 –

Sessions under counselling.

Emerging out of a dark background — relieved and glowing with perception shift.

When I got into a new job after a long break, I wasn’t sure if what I was doing was right for me. I just knew that it felt right. There were so many things I was conflicted about — things like spirituality, career, family, friends, relationships and what not. It felt like I really didn’t know myself as well as I thought I did. I lived in a bubble. I was an idealist, in my own head. A few of my friends questioned my decision of seeing a counsellor, asking what was wrong with me, I seemed normal. I am normal, everyone is, in their ways. I just wanted to know myself better with an unbiased perspective. I feel lucky to have found the perfect counsellor who helped me break the bubble and find new principles, basically converted me into a realist. 😀

Here is what I learnt:

  1. Accept things as they are, don’t try to change other people’s realities. Let everyone be and you be yourself. With acceptance comes letting go and vice versa.
  2. When things look like dreams to you, maybe you are living in your own bubble — life outside the bubble is more real and practical. Its liberating. Reality is just a perception.
  3. Take it easy on yourself. And follow your interests. Nothing is right or wrong, its subjective.
  4. Running away from problems is not going to help you in the long run. Facing them will. Its comforting to know that problems are just in our head and we can change the way we look at it.


Days I spent at the Ashram.


I joined Art of Living to begin a journey I was earlier apprehensive about. It was a challenge for me considering it involved changing my opinions and being more open to some things in life. I have been loving the journey so far.

Also, the ashram is the most beautiful place I find in Bangalore and the whole vibe of the place is surreal. ❤

15 –

Days of Panchakarma Diet.

When I was working out regularly — my body couldn’t take the strain. I was always bloated. So a doctor suggested controlling my diet.

I chose Panchakarma diet and treatment — which lasted for about 15 days and helped me cleanse my body from inside out. It was the strictest thing I have ever done till now in terms of food habits. The results were amaze. I had lost 3 KGS and my body felt stronger. I recommend.

12 –

Towns I painted red this year, and I wasn’t counting. 😀


I chased sunsets at Wayanad, Kannur, Coorg, Hampi (Twice), Delhi, Kanpur, Bombay, Gokarna, Kodaikanal, Kolkata, Jamshedpur, Ranchi and Savandurga hills.

5 –

Days I spent in volunteering.

There is a joy in serving selflessly, and that joy brings the best satisfaction.

I learnt that service/social work is uplifting, to be able to bring smiles to others selflessly brings an unmatched contentment.

4 –

Unfinished books that helped with perception shift.

Flow — Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi,
Algorithms to live by — Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths,
Principles by Ray Dalio, and
Ashtavakra Gita.

Carrying them forward to 2018.

3 –

Total number of ligaments I sprained this year.

Earlier in April, I gave an opportunity to my flatmate to watch me trip over the staircase and fall. That sprained my ankle badly. Staying in bed for 2 weeks — I decided I wanted to do more things in life. This was when I was leaving Instamojo and this was when I decided to pick up Yoga and Zumba.

Later in November, I fell from a superbike at Nandi Hills, spraining my wrist and elbow. I was working out 3 hours a day those days and this incident made me take a break for a month.

Such life lessons from falling. 😉

2 –

Number of Mojos I worked for.

  1. Instamojo : Where I worked with brilliant people and made closest friends in 18 months.

2. RentoMojo : Where I joined after leaving Instamojo, and doing things from my previous learnings.

Clearly, I am a true Mojo. 😀

1 –

Love. That I feel for everyone in my life. ❤️ I am grateful for having spent 2017 with such amazing souls around me, having met so many new people coming from so many places in their lives. Life is rich, in experience and I can’t even.. 🙂


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