One Starry Night

Questions unanswered Repressed in memories Resurface from the core. Facing them, mind to heart- It doesn’t matter anymore. Because Gliding through, the wind tells me, I am. Flying with the bird that tells me, I am. Shivering under a star lit sky, I am. In prayers with the monks, I am. Lost in the only … Continue reading One Starry Night

The Silent Rain

I FELT the cold breeze touch me, I SMELT the petrichor in air. In a silence as silent it can be, I HEARD the rain pouring near. I ran out as soon as I got free, and I TASTED the rain drops on my face. Standing in silence under a tree, I SAW and reposed … Continue reading The Silent Rain

Blurred Visions

Blurred visions Surround me. Entice me. The smile. Outstanding in the herd. Heals me. Uplifts me. Momentary, not vague. Intense, not destructive. Confused, feelings felt. They take me away Scare me. Excite me. It doesn't matter anymore: Lies. Disguise. Because love is. It just is. Expressed, unrequited. Not counting the wrongs, Patiently accepting all things: … Continue reading Blurred Visions

Awareness and Consciousness

Your existence is defined by your body, consciousness and awareness working together. To me, awareness is knowing and putting into action - what actually just "feels" right. ? Are you aware? — Alka Gupta (@alkagpta) July 12, 2017 // Awareness is - knowing in the moment. being in the moment. knowing what is right for … Continue reading Awareness and Consciousness